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Massage Therapy is for Everyone

We are located in beautiful NW Gainesville, in Alachua county We have had great succuess utilizing massage for a variety of different soft tissue pain discomforts, carpal tunnel syndrome,back pain, neck pain, and a multitude of sports related injuries. Our massage therapy clinic is clean, relaxing, and comfortable. You can sip hot tea or listen to soft music while you await your appointment with one of our 12 highly skilled therapists.

Once considered a luxury, massage therapy has evolved into a science offering physiological and psychological benefits for everyone. Massage is a systematic manipulation of the body's soft tissue--muscles, tendons, ligaments, and connective tissue (fascia).
What to Expect

Upon arrival, you will fill out a short form that addresses your reason(s) for wanting or needing a massage. After discussing any special desires or needs with your therapist, you will be escorted to a safe and comfortable room where you will receive the massage. Once you feel settled in place close your eyes. From this point on you are simply to let yourself be completely taken care of. Don't try to "help" with the massage in any way. Relax, enjoy and be amazed at how your body and soul heals itself.

Customized Massage
A 30, 60, or 90 minute massage designed just for you.
Sports Massage
Each session will be tailored to your specific sport or need with a therapist trained in advanced sports therapy. Exhance performance, flexibility, and treat injuries. 90 or 60 minutes.
Hot & Cold Mineral Stone Therapy
Deeply relaxing 60 or 90 minute session of aromatherapy massage with heated basalt river stones and coal marble stones.
Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Treatment
This includes a 60 minute penetrating aromatherapy paraffin treatment and therapeutic massage of hands, forearms, neck and chest.
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